Music Is The Universal Language

As a subdivision of Universal Language Productions LLC, Musician International has become instrumental in Universal Language Productions' endeavors to unite cultures through music. Musician International is the world's foremost authority in the music industry and is actively working to preserve and share geographically curated music libraries. Musician International knows no borders.

The Musician International Network connects like-minded musicians with those who are passionate about music from all around the world. Those who leverage the Musician International Network find opportunities for collaboration, conversation, and fun. The Musician International Family can access the Musician International Network from anywhere in the world.

Those who have leveraged the Musician International Network have experienced opportunities in the entertainment industry and the ability to connect with the music industry in a way only available through the Musician International Network. Those who fail to leverage the power of the Musician International Network may find themselves playing music alone and attempting to do multitrack recording on a computer which does not even come close to meeting industry standards for recording. The most important benefit of the Musician International Network is not the vast opportunities for learning and entertainment offered by Musician International. The most important benefit Musician International has to offer is the opportunity to form bonds with other musicians from around the world. If you are ready to open yourself to a world of music, join the Musician International Network.